Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Triple Duty Apothecary Jar

I totally forgot to post this up.  I know it is after the holidays but I figured I mine as well post up these  pictures, just in case you are shopping and happen to find an apothecary jar drink dispenser on sale or something.     I wrote in a previous post on how I use it as a drink dispenser and to display my collection of wine corks.  This Christmas I found another nifty use for it.  I was able to remove the dispenser spout and string Christmas lights into the bottom dispenser hole.   This makes the apothecary drink jar triple duty.  The lights you use should not have connections outlets on both ends (for stringing them together) or else the cord will not fit through the hole.  I purchased my lights at Walmart; they are single stranded with a plug only on one side.  I want to find another one of these jars, but are sold out at World Market.  I'll have to check again to see if they restocked.  For Valentines day, I may do a lighted Valentine's day display by replacing the ornaments with candy hearts or heart shaped cookie cutters.  I love this jar because without the dispenser hole, the lights would have to come up over the top, making the lid impossible to close.  One tip I have is to hide the spout inside the jar, so when its time to use it as a drink dispenser you know exactly where you put it.


  1. That is really cute, you always have such clever ideas!


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