Wednesday, January 11, 2012

DIY Valentine's Day Card

I love song lyrics.  When I listen to a song I love it more for the lyrics than for the melody.  This Valentine's Day I decided to take one of the lyrics to Katy Perry's song and put it on a  DIY Valentine's Day card for my husband. I also made the card into a "notebook" because the lyrics are talk about adolescence.

Cut out the "notebook" cover from a gift box.

 Line the inside of the notebook with some wrapping paper and cut notebook paper to size.

Sew the notebook paper onto the cover.

Write a little love note.
Sew a couple of buttons on the front and back.  Stamp your favorite lyrics onto the front and tie with bakers twine.


  1. Too cute! Too bad Katy Perry probably won't be enjoying as good a Valentine's Day this year as you will be. Ahh, life amongst the stars.

  2. Love this! It's actually, one of our songs!

  3. I really think you should make a book! Your ideas are just fabulous and you show how to create them so clearly.

  4. These are adorable. Certainly worth spending a little extra time because they are so special!

  5. Your husband is getting showered with the coolest valentines cards.

  6. I think that I may make this for my husband and cute! Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. These are such a great idea! So Cute! Thanks for stopping by my blog and I am returning the love. You have a great site with such amazing ideas! I look forward to seeing more great creations :)

  8. I loved this! Featured it on my Friday Favorite’s post today, hope you don’t mind:)
    Check it out if you wish!

    <3 Leney

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