Monday, February 2, 2015

Old Denim Corner Heart Bookmark

I have a lot of old jeans and scraps from jeans that I've hemmed.  Most of the old jeans go to the salvation army, but the jean scraps stay in a small pile.  I usually use fabric remnants as dusting rags, but denim is too rough for dusting.  Perhaps a denim quilt, or maybe headband, but both items not really within my taste or style.  I love my jeans, but I think they only belong on the lower half of my body.  I never really saw the appeal on the denim on denim look.  Justin Timberlake (image is of Justin's denim suit) is the only one that could pull that one off.

This weekend I thought of a great way to use my jean scraps.  I cut them into heart shapes and made a corner bookmark.  To keep the jeans from fraying at the edges I applied a thin layer of mod podge onto the back of the hearts.

Apply mod podge to the back side of fabric and let dry.  Using a needle and some thread or dmc floss sew bottom half of heart together.

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