Saturday, January 21, 2012

How to Fold an Origami Heart With Necktie Place Card

When I was a waitress in college, to pass the time away during the off peak hours, the other waitresses and I would fold our tip money into little origami figures.  First it started out being simple, making hearts out of dollar bills, but then we started to get competitive and find new ways to fold these dollar bills (mind you this was before the time when the time internet was popular and you could find howto's).  One of the other waitresses showed me how to fold a cute shirt and tie with a dollar bill.  This origami that I am going to show you reminds me of the dollar shirt and tie, but is much easier.   This heart would be great to put as a place setting for a wedding (if you are patient enough to fold all of them) or a simple dinner party.

If you want the tie to be a different color than the shirt, your paper must be a different color on each side.  To make this book page heart I glued a white sheet of paper onto one side of the newspaper/book page, then cut it into a square.

To make this heart follow the video instructions below or you can go directly to the youtube link.


  1. I just saw your heart-corner-bookmark on YouTube. Found it via Craft Gossip. Really cute bookmark! I like this heart tie combo too. Great blog. :)

  2. Even with your fast-food fetish, you are still divine with all your creativeness and awesomeness. Keep amazing me with all the origami brilliance;-)

  3. That is a cute idea. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You are amazing! I need to study your tutorials. I often find myself trying to entertain my kids when we dine out by folding the paper items on the table to pass the time. I can only go so far with rectangle envelope we used to do in High School with the pull tab. :-)

  5. Love to do origami with the kids, thanks for sharing how to do this!

  6. This is sooo cute! My daughter wants to make this with the 'comics' part from our newspaper. Thanks for sharing!

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