Wednesday, January 6, 2021

DIY Washi Tape Card Ideas

I made a bunch of cards last year and never got around to posting them.  Greeting cards are so fun and easy to make, I usually make stacks of them for every occasion.  It seems like I'm always going to a birthday party, baby shower, graduation, or wedding.   This set of cards I made used washi tape. Washi tape is great because it's inexpensive, cute and not messy.  For those of you that aren't familiar with washi tape, it's a paper tape, similar to painters blue tape but thinner with super cute designs. You can purchase washi tape here or at any craft store.   I did emboss the wording, (embossing can be messy), but you can write it or stamp it instead.

My collection of washi tape.  The red polka dot one is my favorite.
This one is a birthday card so I am making candles with the tape
For the flames I cut double sided tape into the shape of flames.
Stick the tape on and add glitter.  You could also just use glue. 
Stamp or write the words and you are done.
The second set of cards I made use bakers twine.  Bakers twine is another inexpensive cute craft tool.  Using this in any craft project automatically makes it cute!
Stick the tape around the twine.
Trim the tape into bunting shape.
Sew the twine onto the card.  I tied a knot in the other end.  You could also just use glue.
Again stamp with your words ant easy peasy diy birthday cards.  The bunting could also be used for other occasions like graduation, baby showers, bridal showers, or any celebratory event.  Just mix up the colors of the bunting for the occasion, for example a Halloween card can have black and orange washi tape. 

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Quarantine With Kids: Sidewalk Chalk Galaxy Art

Galaxy Sidewalk chalk tutorial up on my youtube.  Great as a small scale piece for kids, or a large scale piece.  Video here:  Quarantine Activities for Kids Sidewalk Chalk Galaxy

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Glitter Origami Elephant Ornament Tutorial

I hate wasting wrapping paper.  You know when you cut the paper to fit a present and have a little bit left that is too small to wrap another present?  This is the perfect use for it: origami elephant ornaments.

Make these cute origami elephants this holiday.  I made a few to put on my stocking hangers and I also make some for our Christmas tree.  Origami ornaments are the best because they are cheap, they pack up small and they can be cute too.  

To make this ornament I used gold glitter wrapping paper scraps.  See my video tutorial here.

These little elephants are so cute I may keep them up year round.
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