Sunday, January 25, 2015

Spirograph Thank You Cards

Do you remember Spirograph?  I loved this toy as a kid.  A few years ago I tried to look for a Spirograph for my daughter, but I realized they discontinued it.  The only ones I could find were vintage ones from ebay.  But recently I just found out they brought back this classic toy.  My friend bought the Spirograph Cyclex for my daughter and we just love it.  It is easier to use than the regular Spirograph and the patterns are just as cool.  

Below is a video on a few thank you cards I made using the Spirograph.  I have a few other craft projects in mind for this Spirograph, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Chevron Nails Tutorial

Here is an easy trick to get chevron nails with supplies you may already have in your craft drawer.  I love using things I have around the house off other purposes.  These zig zag craft scissors are a perfect way to make a chevron nail template.

To make this nail pattern all you are going to need is zigzag or pinking shears.  In case you aren't familiar with the term pinking shears are scissors that you use to cut fabric in a zig zag manner so it doesn't fray.  

Cut tape with sissors to make zig zag shape.  I used painters tape, but you can use scotch tape too.

Paint your nails with the under coat and let completely dry.  Place your chevron pattern stickers on nails.

Here is a handy trick that I learned when painting my walls with stripes.  Before you paint on your color, paint on a thin layer of clear or the same color as your base coat.  This will prevent the color from seeping though the tape.  Then paint your color pattern on.

I added some glitter to the chevron polish, but you can just leave it as is.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Rainbow Loom No Loom No Hook Two Peg Easy Beginner Tutorials

My poor blog has been neglected as I have been making weekly YouTube videos for Rainbow Loom Bracelets (also known as Loom Bands).  Here is a few of my no loom or loom optional tutorials that I have posted to youtube.  Be sure to check them out.  You can view my channel here, or search for the bracelet name along with Rainbow Loom and the tutorial should show up.

These rubber band bracelets are truly addicting to make.  With techniques similar to crocheting, but less commitment I can see why people of all ages are hooked on this Rainbow Loom (LoomBands, BandaLoom, Crazy Loom, Fun Loom, Wonder Loom) trend.

The tutorials below can be made without a loom.  I use two pencils rubber banded together for most of the tutorials I make.  Hope you enjoy!  If you happen to make any of these bracelets I would love to see it.  Please tag me on instagram, my username is @thecheesethief.

Rainbow Loom Aries Bracelet (No Hook, No Loom) :
Rainbow Loom Bands Anais Bracelet Tutorial (No Hook, No Loom):
Rainbow Loom Bands Celtic Cross Tutorial(No Hook, No Loom):
Rainbow Loom Bands Chained Hearts (Monster Tail or Rainbow Loom):
Crooked Hearts (No Hook, No Loom) Tutorial :
Crown Royal (No Hook, No Loom) Tutorial :
Half Lorax (No Hook, No Loom):
Hot Air Balloon Rainbow Loom Tutorial:
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