Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thai Fried Garlic (Gratium Jiew) Recipe and a DIY Mason Jar Spout

When I eat at my parents house, my mother always brings out a small jar of fried garlic.  These little morsels of heaven have a very distinct garlic flavor (more mellow than raw garlic, but more bite than roasted garlic).  They also add a nice crunch to "kao thom" (a thai rice porridge), noodle soup or Hainan chicken.  I asked my mom for the recipe to share with you.

There are two versions of this recipe.  The images below show the dry version where the oil is strained out.  You can use the strained oil as garlic oil for cooking.

1 head of garlic pealed and minced
1/4 cups oil (canola or vegetable)

Place both garlic and oil into a medium sized saute pan or wok (do not preheat).  Turn on heat to high and stir garlic and oil. Continue stirring for a one to two of minutes or until garlic starts to turn very light tan.  Once garlic is medium color, turn off the heat.  Keep stirring the garlic in the pan.  The residual heat will continue to cook the garlic to a nice golden brown  You do not want to burn the garlic or else it will be bitter.  Once garlic is golden brown remove from pan and put though a fine mesh metal strainer.  Catch the oil in a container and use as garlic oil.  Let garlic sit in strainer for 15 minutes so oil is mostly drained out.  Transfer garlic into jar and place both oil and garlic into refrigerator or you can use immediately.

Fried garlic in a mason jar (with pour spout from salt container).  You could also add some dried peppers into the mix if you like spicy.

Mince garlic and add to oil.  I know it seems like a lot of oil, but you will strain it out to make garlic oil.

Once garlic is medium brown turn off heat and keep stirring.  Do not burn the garlic.


To create a pour spout for your mason jar cut out the top of a salt carton.  Cut to size of mason jar top.
Morton Salt top placed on top of mason jar for easy pouring.

I took apart the spout with pliers and glued piece of wrapping paper on top.

Finished product.  Perfect to give as a gift or keep for yourself.

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