Sunday, January 22, 2012

Whats Inside your Child's Bath Toys? (Warning: Gross Image)

I was always been a little suspect of Avery's squeeze bath toys (the ones where you draw water in and push them to squirt out a stream of water), but I let her play with them because those were the ones she loved.  Last night while giving her a bath I noticed that her green frog squeeze toy had black stuff all around the lips (where the water gets drawn in from).  It looked like mold or mildew.   I am pretty good about cleaning her bath toys, and draining as much of the water out of those squeeze toys as possible, but I guess my efforts were not enough.  I decided to cut open the toy to see what my daughter has been exposing herself to each time she bathed.  After cutting the frog open I was about to vomit.  Every internal surface of the toy was covered in mildew.  Avery takes this toy and squeezes the water on her face sometimes.  I was thoroughly disgusted.  All of her squeeze bath toys went into the trash.

Any other readers experience this?  I'm surprised that these toys are still on the market.  Thinking about it makes me sick.

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