Monday, August 18, 2008

Diffuser Refill (Liquid Potporri from Walmart)

I have been on a quest to find a liquid refill for my reed diffuser. I finally found one at Walmart, who knew?

The 32 oz (1 quart) refill was only $3.00

Walmart carries many scents, most of which surprisingly do not smell like China.

Overall impression: the scent is nice, but when I refilled my diffuser, the scent was not strong enough and did not diffuse through the room. There is probably only a one foot range that the scent travels.

I probably will not rebuy even at the great price.
Rating: 3/10

Photobooks Reviews

I am trying to create a photobook for all of the events in our lives. Here are the reviews for two companies of photobooks: Shutterfly and Piccaboo.


Books Created: 8x8 Hard Cover Storybook and 2 8x10 Black Leather Hard Cover 30 page book

The Software:

Shutterfly has limited layouts and designs for their photobooks. Full page bleed (where the picture is printed to the edge of the page) is available, but no custom backgrounds (ability to put your own picture as a background). They are better than other companies such as Snapfish, but worst than Picaboo. The software is a little confusing, but it runs relatively fast and bug free.

The Quality of Pages:

Do not expect clear pictures like actual developed prints, or even magazine quality. The prints are like laser printer quality, not the cheap laser printers, but the mega printers that corporations have. The pages are thick (equivalent to two sheets of printer paper in thickness) which make the print quality better. The colors for shutterfly were vibrant and true to the print.

The Quality of the Book:

A 20-30 page book is pretty slim. The 8x10 leather cover book looks slick, but a little homemade at the same time. I was truly impressed at the quality of the storybook. The outside print over was photo quality. The inside of the book looked like a professionally bound kids story book. Although all the books are glued, not threaded, the binds have held together nicely.

Overall rating of storybook: 9/10
Overall rating of 8x10 book: 7/10


Books Created: 5x7 Soft CoverBook and 8x10 Black Leather Cover 20 page book.

The Software:
Awesome. The software has the ability to do many layouts, full page bleed, and custom backgrounds. The software does have to be installed on your computer, but this makes for ease of use.

The Quality of Pages:
Like Shutterfly do not expect clear pictures like actual developed prints, or even magazine quality. The pages are thick (equivalent to two sheets of printer paper in thickness) which make the print quality better. The pictures were a little dark, and not as vibrant as Shutterfly.

The Quality of the Book:
Same as Shutterfly 8x10 book. The small 5x7 book is a little cheapie feeling and is already falling apart.

Overall rating of 5x7 book: 5/10
Overall rating of 8x10 book: 6.5/10

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Watering Can

By the recommendation of Real Simple I purchased the:
Stack by Plastec Industries, $3
"With its streamlined design and extra-long spout, this can prevents spillage when watering small potted plants. In four colors. Capacity: 1/2 gallon." from Real Simple.

Purchase Price: $3.50 (on sale from $4.00) from Lowes.

Rating: 9/10

This watering can is pretty basic, it is made of plastic and holds about four cups of water. The water leaks over the sides of the spout when watering too fast. This can was designed so that multiple watering cans are stackable for easy storage, but I cannot see why anyone would need more than one watering can. I do however like the open top, as it allows for all the water to evaporate, so no stagnant water is left in the can. Overall the design is nice, it has modern clean lines, this can is on the pricier side, (I cannot justify anything that is made of plastic and made in China to be more than one dollar).

If this watering can cost half the price: Buy it!
If this watering can cost twice the price: No way!
At the current price: Go to the 99 cents store to purchase another made in China can.

What Jon thinks:

Jon has no opinion, as he is not allowed to water the plants anymore, after over watering our other plants and causing root rot.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

About Us

Jon and I are in our late twenties. We both have degrees in computer engineering, so we have a practical and pragmatic mindsets. We will be reviewing items that we own, buy or are thinking about buying for its form, function and bang for the buck.

About Rena: I am a bargain hunter, always looking for the best bottom line deal, sometimes compromising in quality, if the deal is good enough (but the deal has to be good). I have an appreciation for the minor details in all products, especially, the design, practicality and overall aesthetic of the item. I am very critical on items and am bothered by the smallest of design flaws.

About Jon: Jon is not a bargain hunter, although is very happy if he can get a good deal. He is unwilling to compromise quality for price. Jon is able to see the big picture of things and is not as in tune with the details as much as the overall functionality or quality of the item. He is not as critical when it comes to user interface and design of a product, rather he is more into the innovations and potential of a product.
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