Thursday, January 12, 2012

How to Make Your Own Baker's Twine

I needed bakers twine for the Valentine's Day Card I made, but did not have any on hand. I decided to try to make some baker's twine with some butchers twine I had at home. I want to note that if you need a lot of baker's twine then it probably makes more sense for you to buy it. But if you just need a couple of yards or live somewhere that does not sell baker's twine, then this tutorial is for you.

Use a drill to separate the butchers twine into two strands.  Take one of the strands and dye it with the dye of your choice, I used food coloring which worked ok for a more light pastel color.  Wait for the strand to dry and then knot together with the other strand.  Attach the knotted end to your drill and spin the two strands together.

Use drill to unwind the butchers twine into "sub-strands".   Dye one of the strands with the dye of your choice.  I used food coloring which is on the lighter end once it dries. If you are working with string that is thin, you do not have to unwind the two strands.  Simply dye one strand and wind it together with the another.
Once the dyed strand dries, knot both strands together and attach knotted end to the drill.  Hold opposite end and turn on drill to wind strands together.  If your strands are long you may need to have someone help you hold the other end while you operate the drill.

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