Thursday, January 10, 2013

Building a Real Dollhouse

I've been building a dollhouse.  Not a premade easy assembly Costco dollhouse. This is a real dollhouse,  one where you have to paint every wall, stain the floors and shingle the roof.  I have to admit when I first saw this dollhouse online I was super excited.  Then when I received it and opened the box I felt overwhelmed.  The dollhouse sat in the corner of our room for months (8 months to be exact) before I opened the box again and decided that I had the confidence to build it.  The dollhouse had what felt like a million pieces all which needed to be primed, sanded, painted, assembled, sanded again, and touched up.  The interior needed to be wallpapered and all the moldings needed to be put together.  The floor sanded, stained, sanded again, cleaned off for a top coat.  This was a real serious dollhouse.  It was just as much work as my real house (except I couldn't hire a contractor to do the work).

Here is timelapse video of all the work.  It isn't a tutorial, but it will give you an idea of how much work goes into building this house, if you ever decided you want to build one.

Finished dollhouse.  I picked colors like the Disney movie "Up" house.

Each shingle needed to be hand cut to get the angle on the roof!
The house isn't furnished yet.  The current furniture is too small a scale for the house.

Purple room for my Avery who loves purple.

I still need to wallpaper one last room with the crazy angles.  I'm saving that for another day.

I got the dollhouse is from

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