Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Book Page Corner Heart Origami Bookmark

This is another heart tutorial.  Is the 'book page' trend over yet?  I sure hope not, because I just love the look of this corner bookmark folded from a book page.  The great thing about origami is that it is cheap and anyone can do it - with the proper instructions.  

When I was a kid, my parents bought me an origami book (from Thailand, all in Thai!).  I was so excited to get it until I started to attempt to make the figures.  Have you ever seen the diagrams in an origami book?  There are a lot of arrows, some that swirl around and point back to the same spot.  And my book was in Thai, so when I asked my parents to translate the words for me they would say "its says 'Fold Over'"  You could imagine how frustrating this was for an eight year old.  I'd like to say it was perseverance that helped me figure out most of the instructions, but I think it was just pure boredom that drove me to sit and decode it all.

I still see origami instructions out there that completely confuse me.  This corner heart was from that old origami book my parents gave me.  I actually lost the book, but remember making this.   I hope you enjoy my video tutorial on how to create this cute book mark for someone this Valentine's Day.  There are no confusing squiggly lines to follow just my hands to guide you through it.

I used a book page for this but origami paper would make awesome book marks also.  The nice thing about origami paper is that you don't have to cut it yourself (if you are making lots of these).  I love this origami paper from Amazon.  If you go to the Japanese dollar store they should have lots too (Daiso is the name of the Japanese dollar store in our area).

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