Sunday, January 29, 2012

Valentine's Day Hanging Decoration Kid's Craft

This is a simple kid's Valentine's Day craft.  Avery enjoyed taking it outside and watching the tissue paper blow in the wind.    The materials required are
1 10 inch piece of yarn
2 sheets of tissue paper (about 2ft x 2ft)
1 piece of cardboard cut into a 3.5 inch circle

Take both pieces of tissue paper and line them up on top of each other.  Fold the tissue paper in half, and then half again, and then on the diagonal in half (like you are folding a paper snowflake).   Trim around the edge to create a circle (doesn't have to be perfect.  Cut out shapes onto the tissue paper, since it's Valentine's day we cut out hearts.  Cut a small hole on the tip/center of the tissue paper.  Knot one end of the yarn and string the yarn through the center of the cardboard and through the tissue paper.

Cut a square from each piece of tissue paper

Fold in half and in half again width wise.

Fold in half on the diagonal,a nd then again.  Trim the edges to make a more circular shape and cut out heart shapes.

String yarn through a round piece of cardboard and then through the middle of the tissue paper.

Save cut out heart shapes for a future craft project, or use as table confetti.


  1. That is really cute. My three year old already said that he wants to make one;)

  2. LOVE that - simple and beautiful :)

  3. Cute and simple idea! Kind of a take off on paper snowflakes! :)

  4. Easy and simple idea! Thanks for the how-to

  5. fun, easy inexpensive...sounds pretty good!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you an.

  6. This craft is really cute! Love the photo too... great eye:) Just posted on Craft Gossip!

  7. The camera angles make it look like a rectangle. I'm 28 and I have no idea how you got to the skinny triangle to cut the hearts out of. I need help. My wife couldn't figure it out either. Clearly we're missing something big. It starts with squares, but the more I fold in half, the more I get the same kind of triangle, which is not the same kind you can turn into a skinny one to round off.

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