Sunday, September 28, 2014

No Loom Rainbow Loom Tutorial Series

I've been working on my YouTube channel a lot more lately.  If you are subscribed to my channel you will see that I've been uploading videos almost every other day.  My YouTube channel is more catered towards kids toys and crafts, so if you love things like rainbow looms, Play Doh and origami be sure to subscribe.  I'm starting a new series on my channel for Rainbow Loom bracelets without a loom in response to some requests that I've been getting.  Below is a round up of new tutorial videos I posted for bracelets and charms made without a Rainbow Loom.  Remember to subscribe to my YouTube and follow me on Instagram if you want to see my latest tutorials.

These are all great beginner tutorials.  Looming is easy and addicting!

Original Rainbow Loom Round Up Post HERE.

Easy Knotted Fishtail without Loom

Double Inverted Fishtail without loom

Flower or Snowflake Frozen inspired charms (No Loom, No Hooks)

Double Heart No Loom

Lorax Bracelet

Triple Fishtail

My Little Pony Fashion Spa Day with Elsa and Ariel too

Frozen Fever Fashion Show with Elsa, Anna and Ariel

Japanese Eraser Collection with My Little Pony Pinkie Pie

Monday, September 22, 2014

Rainbow Loom Video Tutorial Roundup

I've made a bunch of Rainbow Loom tutorials on my YouTube channel.   These rubber band bracelets can be pretty addicting to make, and also a great craft for kids.  My three year old (now four) was able to make the fishtail with no problems.  The rainbow loom may say ages 8 and up, but a 3 year old could do the simple patterns.  It was great to see Avery practice her fine motor skills while making these bracelets.

Looms and ruberbands can be purchased here,
Here is just a round up of all my rainbow loom video tutorials.  Youtube has been flagging some of my videos as adult content and hiding them in safety mode, which has been super frustrating.  If you can't see any of the videos you have to turn off safety mode on the bottom of the YouTube page.  I've tried to get this resolved in the google products forum, but haven't had any luck yet.  Any of you readers have any ideas (other than deleting and reuploading the video) please let me know!

More new tutorials listed HERE.

Fishtail bracelet with no loom

 Inverted fishtail no loom

Variation Fishtail Rainbow Bracelet

New Pattern Staircase Rainbow Bracelet

Double Inverted Fishtail Rainbow Bracelet

Quad Single Bow Rainbow Bracelet

Four Pin Fishtail Rainbow Bracelet

Quadurple single (one loom)Rainbow Bracelet

How to extend rainbow loom bracelet with just one loom

Double sided Rainbow Bracelet

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How to Paint Hello Kitty Nails (Nail Stamping Tutorial)

Nail stamping is a quick and easy way for nail art.  I purchased these nail stamping plates from and am truly impressed.  I used a base color of Sephora's I'm Seeing Pink Elephants, which is a nice cotton candy pink color.  For the white I used a nail polish I purchased at the Japanese dollar store (Daiso).  The white polish is on the more transparent side.  I wish it was more opaque.  If you purchase the Konad brand polish it does a much better job. The stamping kit I purchased on Amazon also, it was originally ten dollars I think, but now its only $4.50.  The reviews are kinda bad on it but I think it works great. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Cheese Thief's Whereabouts x2 and a Small Tutorial

My dear readers, some of you may be wondering where I have been, others who have been reading this blog since the beginning might have an idea about my sudden disappearance from the blogosphere. The last time I took a hiatus from blogging I was pregnant with my second daughter. So this departure from blogging is no different from the first.  It's just multiplied by two.  While I was away from blogging I was busy "making" twins!

So introducing the two new members of my family Nathan and Owen.

Needless to say I've been busy.  My family of four turned into a family of six before a blink of an eye, and I have not had any time to craft.  I did manage to put together one tutorial today that I would like to share.  I purchased this clay/ play dough eraser making kit a while back and have been wanting to try it.  I couldn't come back into blogging without posting at least one tutorial :)  Enjoy! See video tutorial below or here.

Macaron eraser diy.  So fun!
This kit is the Sculpey eraser clay. The kit I bought is sold out on Amazon, but there are other types on Amazon.  This one looks like the same kit but in a different package.
To make the macaron, roll out one ball and two cylinder "snake" shapes.  The ball size is dependent on what size you want your macron.  I rolled out a .75 inch ball.  The snakes should be long enough to wrap around the circumference of the ball.
Cut the ball in half.  Remold the ball edges into nice half spheres, as cutting the will mush them a bit.
Wrap snakes around sphere.
Add texture to snake shape.  See video tutorial for exactly how I do this
Take alternate color and create flat circle shape for filling.
Bake according to instructions.  Again see video tutorial for exact instructions and tips.

I do hope to start up blogging again, but having four kids takes up the majority of my time.  I truly want to thank all the readers that are reading this post for sticking by my blog even when I haven't. Happy crafting!
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