Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Don't ever buy a wedding dress from China

I bought a 100 dollar wedding dress from China (off ebay) to wear for pictures (not on the wedding day). Needless to say that you get what you pay for. The fabric was decent, but the cut of the dress was not flattering to my body (as one can see from the picture), and the craftsmanship was.. well, lets just say I can tell that it was made in china.

BUT.... good thing I tune into Project Runway on Bravo. I was inspired by the designers to take apart the dress and made a new dress.

Yes, it was a great experience. I cut the dress in half, took it up at the waist three inches. Removed the pleates from the front and moved them all to the back. The original design of the dress made the waist line low, making waist look thick. Raising the waist line gave me more of a figure. The pleates in the front gave me big hips and looked as though I were hiding something underneath the dress. Like a big old butt, or a midget.

This is me in the process of altering the dress. You can still see the bike injuries on my knees.

Exercise is bad

Fell off my bike. (Wedding exercise)

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