Sunday, January 1, 2012

Chocolate Dipped Panda Gummy Bears

I've been wanting to make these chocolate covered gummy bears for my cousin Panda for a while now. Yes, I have a cousin named Panda, yes, like the bear, and no her parents didn't name her after a black and white bear. Her name was just lost in translation. In my previous posts I showed you how to make white chocolate covered gummy bears and dark chocolate covered gummy bears.  These panda bears use the same technique as the white chocolate covered gummy bears but I also painted them with cocoa powder.  I thought it would be easy to make paint the black onto the panda bears, but it was difficult to paint white chocolate.  It took multiple coats of cocoa powder (with a wet brush), so I only made her four panda ones and labeled the package albino mix.  I also wished the cocoa powder was more black than brown.  I will have to try with food coloring pens next.

The links above show you how to dip the gummy bears (with pictures), but in case you're lazy here is the basic how to:
20 to 30 gummy bears
6 oz of white or dark chocolate chips or cut up chunks
1 tbs of butter or shortening (if chocolate is too thick) optional
foam board

Place about 6 oz of chocolate chips in microwave safe mug.
Heat in microwave for 30 seconds on medium heat.
Take out and stir chocolate with spatula for 30 seconds. If chocolate is not melted enough heat again for 15 seconds and stir for another 30.  Do not overheat chocolate.  It will get lumpy.  If chocolate is melted but too thick you can add 1tbs of melted butter or shortening to the mixture.
Skewer the gummy bears with toothpicks and dip.  Stick toothpicks into foam board and let dry.


  1. Hey I had a friend in college named polar and he had a sister named panda... they were Thai... just wondering if you guys are related...

  2. So cute and so unique, each and every one.

  3. These were yummie. I ate all of them.
    Thanks for making them :)

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  6. Hi glittergirley,

    Panda is Thai, but she doesn't have a brother named Polar. Those are some pretty awesome sibling names. I guess Panda is a pretty common Thai name. Who knew?

  7. Wow, so great and unique. Can't believe how simple and cute these are.

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  12. Thanks. I’m always looking for new recipes for my 5-year old daughter. Chocolate dipped gummy bears sounds like a great choice. I wonder if his dentist in huntersville will approve this!

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  14. Awesome! Super cute and great idea!

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