Sunday, September 25, 2011

Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears Recipe / How To

Chocolate covered gummy bears, 14 dollars a lb at Rocky Mountain Creamery, about 3 dollar a lb to make at home.

One bag of gummy bears.  I usually like Black Forest brand, but Target does not sell them so I opted for Market Pantry (Targets generic brand).
Skewer gummy bears with toothpicks.
1/2 cup chocolate in a microwave safe cup.  I like using a mug because it keeps in the heat.  
Place chocolate and butter in microwave and microwave for 40 seconds.
  Check mixture, by squishing the chocolate with a spatula.  Chocolate will not look melted but will squish when pressed.
 If not melted microwave in 10 second intervals mixing after each 10 seconds.  DO NOT OVERHEAT.
  Over heated chocolate will be clumpy.
Mix chocolate and start dipping bears.  If mixture gets thick then reheat for 10 seconds at most.
Let bears dry on foam board, or anything where the toothpicks can stand.  I used a foam board from an old package.
Dripping with chocolate.
Bear down!
Half Dipped
Fully Dipped
Skinny dipped.

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