Sunday, January 22, 2012

Whats Inside your Child's Bath Toys? (Warning: Gross Image)

I was always been a little suspect of Avery's squeeze bath toys (the ones where you draw water in and push them to squirt out a stream of water), but I let her play with them because those were the ones she loved.  Last night while giving her a bath I noticed that her green frog squeeze toy had black stuff all around the lips (where the water gets drawn in from).  It looked like mold or mildew.   I am pretty good about cleaning her bath toys, and draining as much of the water out of those squeeze toys as possible, but I guess my efforts were not enough.  I decided to cut open the toy to see what my daughter has been exposing herself to each time she bathed.  After cutting the frog open I was about to vomit.  Every internal surface of the toy was covered in mildew.  Avery takes this toy and squeezes the water on her face sometimes.  I was thoroughly disgusted.  All of her squeeze bath toys went into the trash.

Any other readers experience this?  I'm surprised that these toys are still on the market.  Thinking about it makes me sick.

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  1. This happens in our house too. We replace the squirties every few months and try to avoid buying them altogether. Pretty gross.

  2. So that's what happened to my Sea Ponies...

    1. Yeah, Sea Ponies have metal weights in them to help their heads bob above water and a tiny hole right behind their ears. I dare not touch one in fear of what lurks on the inside of one.

  3. That is disgusting! Thanks for sharing this though, I think it might be time to toss rubber duckie in the trash, yuck!

  4. Sick. Once a month or so I soak the bath toys in the tub filled with water & bleach. I also make sure to suck the bleach solution into the squeeze toys and give them a good shake. I'm going to dissect one of them to see if my efforts were worth it!

  5. I've always been suspect. Ever squeeze the bath toy and some stringy mildew comes out of the home? I never took it as far as you have in cutting open the toy (way too scared to find what you found). Once, we got these floating, rubbery-plastic ducks for the bath. They were completely sealed - very cool! No, it didn't squeeze any water but it did float. Better that than grossness.

  6. I also soak my son's bath toys in water and bleach every month or so. Luckily he doesn't have too many squeezy toys but it's so hard to find bath toys that don't have a hole in them. Ugh!

  7. Yes, it happen here too. I went and bought some sea animals (like those plastic dinosaurs) for the tub. Now I just have to throw out the squeeze toys instead of hiding them!

  8. I discovered this a while ago, it's so gross (and potentially dangerous) We try to avoid having anything in the bath now which lets water in.

  9. I also do the bleach every so often, and I avoid buying squirty toys for that reason but my son just got Thomas squirties from my cousin for Christmas and guess what? Favorite bath toy. Figures.

  10. YES! I noticed it when my kids would squirt out water and the mold would come out too! I only buy bath toys with NO holes!

  11. Yes, I was able to actually see black stuff through my daughter's yellow ducky and I suspected there was mold growing inside. There is really no way to make sure these things dry thoroughly on the inside. Like Roxy said, a diluter bleach solution where you suck the bleach into the toy may help keep this from happening, but I just threw ours away. My daughter was squirting the water into her mouth and she is older so she really doesn't need to be playing with squirt toys so much anymore. But I have to say, this is not anything I thought would happen when I bought these toys. I was surprised.

  12. For those of you that soak in water and bleach do you know if that works? Thanks.

  13. Yep. I noticed this when my now 7yr old was small. I haven't allowed squeezy toys in the bath since. Now we use non-squeezy boats, measuring cups, strainers, plastic cups and lids from restaurants, etc. Thanks for posting this!

  14. Tea tree oil (just a couple of drops) mixed with water is a completely safe way to kill bacteria and get rid of mold/mildew. Now that I've read this post, I'll stay away from the squirting toys!

  15. My children (now teens - so approx 10 yrs ago) used have these toys and the same thing happened then. I can't believe manufaturers do not putting warning or instructions on the packaging. Purchasers should be advised on how to care for the items or at the vrey least of their "shelf" life"
    Have you tried writing to them and asking for adivce?

  16. That is gross! That's why we use the floating duckies that are sealed and don't suck in water.

  17. Oh my gosh! I'm so glad you posted this! My kids had all kinds of tub toys and I'd have to soak them (and suck bleach water into them) to prevent this from happening.

    I filled my kitchen sink with hot sudsy water and added a cup or so of bleach. I'd soak the toys and suck the water into each one, shake it, and squirt it back out. I'd do this a few times with each toy. It really worked!

  18. I just saw Roxy's message that she does he same thing I used to do. :)

  19. We had the same problem so I no longer buy the squirt kind. They have gotten some as gifts but I glue the openings closed, they don't squirt but they stay clean! We have had the same problem with Barbie dolls that are for the bath tub. I try to stick with small beach/pool toys like little boats, buckets and sand strainers and Fashion Polly dolls.

  20. But!! - please let your children get their fair share of mold and bacteria. They won't die from it, just get a little training for their immune system.
    Growing up in overly clean, disinfected surroundings makes people allergic and fragile.

  21. Hello, I have a great tip for you all. I was totally grossed out by this as well and found the quest for hole free tub toys so frustrating so I decided to seal up the holes. All you need is a hot glue gun! A nice "blob" of hot glue over the hole keeps the water out and the toys mild free!

  22. I just took care of this the other day, all you have to do is cut a larger hole in the bottom of the toy so it cant hold the water for the mold to grow in the first place. Now my sons bath toys can be easily cleaned and i dont have to take them away from him!

  23. Bleach is toxic, even worse than mold...

  24. This is gross. However there is an easy solution!
    Simply put a dot of hot glue to seal any of the holes that water can get in. Problem solved.

    Side note: I would use this trick on new squeeze toys and make sure to check them often to see to it that the glue is still intact.

  25. I cut a 1cm hole on the underside of the toy with a pair of sharp scissors. It lets them drain fully so they can dry out in between bathtimes. Works for me.

  26. Thanks for the post but I already knew in my heart something must be hiding under bath toys so decided long time ago not to use but today I read ur article and I cut open toys mine were not really dirty but YES they were messy so threw them thanks my DD isn't much attached to her toys luckily... :)

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