Monday, January 23, 2012

How to Fold an Origami Heart Envelope

This origami tutorial reminds me of the notes I use to write in school.  Do you remember writing notes with loose leaf and folding them into shapes?  We would pass them secretly, as they contained important secrets, such as the latest crush or who kissed who.  I don't think kids in school pass notes anymore, they probably just text.  Folding notes will probably become a lost art.

Video tutorial:


  1. Oh, they do just text... note folding was a great art :)

  2. Oh, thank you! This is more advanced than what I was thinking from high school and it will certainly impress my boys.

  3. I have just found your blog and amazing tutorials via pinterest. Thank yo so much for sharing your skills :)

    I have featured you on my blog today.

  4. Cute envelopes! I hadn't thought about passing notes becoming obsolete, but you're right - teachers must now be nabbing phones instead of folded paper scraps. :)

  5. No way. I pass notes all the time! Its better than texting ;)


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