Friday, November 25, 2011

Candy Cane Marbled Monogram Ornaments

I recently saw a marbleized nail technique on Pinterest and was so inspired to try it.  After several attempts I finally got the nail technique down and decided to do something more unique with it. Taking the glass ornaments that I purchased from Michaels, I created a water marble ornament.  You can check out my video tutorials on  how to  marbleize an ornament and how to water marble nails.

I used Orly French White and OPI All Lacquered Up for these images.  These nail polish brands seem to work the best for this technique.  Drip the nail polish into the filtered water and use a toothpick to create your own pattern.

I also created a monogrammed marbleized image by cutting out the letter A from a sticker (you could user painters tape, I just had this sticker on hand) with an Exacto knife.  I used the negative part of the sticker (negative part meaning outline) and stuck it onto the ornament.  Painted one coat of clear nail polish then another coat of white nail polish.  Then I dipped the ornament into the water with the marbleized nail polish. Removed the sticker and used nail polish remover to clean up the edges.
Using a sticker or painters tape cut out a letter or design.  Stick onto ornament and paint one coat of clear.  The clear coat will help from the colors seeping though the edges of the tape. Then paint base color, I used white.   Then dip the ornament into the nail polish marbleized water.  Remove the sticker and clean up edges with nail polish remover.

Check out my latest post on making a heart shaped marble pattern:

Ornament Video Tutorial
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