Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Terrarium Ornament

I purchased a bunch of these clear glass ornaments on clearance last Christmas. The possibilities are endless for these ornaments, one idea I had was to create a terrarium.  The round glass encapsulates the plant well and the clear glass just makes it look so sophisticated and modern.  The one warning I do have is that it is a little complicated to get the small rosemary clipping positioned into the hole.  The rosemary may outgrow this glass bowl in a month (or may not even survive), but I still love how it looks.  Rosemary is very easy to propagate, just clip young growth, remove bottom leaves and place into soil.  The clipping should root in a few weeks.  For this terrarium, I propagated rosemary a month earlier and transplanted into this ornament.

This reminds me of Charlie Brown's Christmas tree.  Notice I used a folded origami star to hang off one of the "branches".

Fill ornament with soil, add a little water, and using a paint brush I cleaned the sides of the ornament and compacted the a little before placing the rosemary plant inside.  I don't know if it will survive, but I'll keep you posted.

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