Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Homemade Cornstarch Paint

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here is a craft for the little ones to keep them occupied while you are cooking, or trying to get a peaceful moment to you can shop the Black Friday presales.

I was taking care of my daughter and nephew this week.  They are both almost 2 years old so I wanted to do some crafts with them.  I decided to make some homemade paint for them to paint with.  I called my friend who is an expert on these DIY toddler crafts and she suggested cornstarch paint.  I liked this cornstarch paint because you could use more cornstarch to thicken it so it wouldn't be as messy.  I added a little extra cornstarch which was great in the beginning, but because a little too thick by the time the kids were finished painting.

Here is the unaltered recipe:
1 tbs of cornstarch
1 cup of room temperature water
1 drop of food coloring of choice
1 small pot to cook the paint

Mix cornstarch and water together in pot.  Turn on stove to medium high heat and wait for cornstarch to thicken.  Stir until smooth.  Take pot off heat and place cornstarch mix into separate cups.  Add food coloring to each cup and mix, or you can have the kids carefully mix it with a spoon. Let cool to room temperature before you give it to kids.

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