Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How to Fold Glass-like Origami Cranes

When I was a nine years old, my cousin told me that anyone who folds a thousand cranes would get one wish. Foolish as I was, I sat in my room for countless weekends folding paper cranes. What was I going to wish for? A childhood crush to reciprocate his feelings. I never did make it to a thousand cranes. My hands started cramping up at a couple of hundred and I ran out of space to store the cranes. My childhood crush never did reciprocate, but one good thing did come of it all - I'm am very good at folding paper cranes. But a paper crane, that's too boring for this blog post. There are tons of how to's online.  For this tutorial, I want to show you how to recycle old plastic cellophane packaging into a glass like crane.

Instead of using origami paper, I used a piece of cellophane packaging from a greeting card.  You can use any cellophane (from flower wrapping, the packaging of stickers, stationary etc).  You just want to make sure its not to thin (do not use saranwrap, it will not work).  Cut the cellophane packaging into a square and follow the crane origami tutorial (different link from above, same concept).  The clear plastic sparkle and glisten in the light making them looks as magical and mystical as I once thought they could be.

1. Find cellophane wrapper.
2. Remove contents
3. Cut the package open, fold diagonal to create a square
4. Result is cellophane square to start folding with

Stay tuned for the stars cellophane tutorial.

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