Monday, October 24, 2011

What Does the Inside of a One Year Old Pumpkin Look Like?

We found out this weekend. Last year we bought a pumpkin and never got around to carving it. I read online that pumpkins are pretty hardy and will last up to one year. So I stowed it away in the pantry (call it a little science experiment). I got a lot of funny(more like grossed out) faces when I told my friends I would attempt to carve it. See below for what the inside looks like.
Picture on the left is one year ago, Oct 2010.  Picture on the right is today Oct 2011.
Avery has grown, pumpkin pretty much the same, but had more wrinkles (kinda like me).

This is what a one year old pumpkin looks like from the inside.
It looks like cobwebs, but its just all dried up pumpkin guts.

Elmo pattern found on internet.

I read that those silica packets help with the pumpkins not molding.

Our pumpkin carved.

The verdict: Carving a one year old pumpkin was so much easier because it was drier. The shell was easier to carve, although a bit more brittle. The insides of the pumpkin weren't as slimy.  And the pumpkin seeds that came out of the pumpkin? They were plumper. Gonna run out and buy a pumpkin this year, and save it for next!... maybe.

Free Elmo pumpkin pattern found here

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