Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Elephant Doll

I was watching Dear Genevieve and she was going to decorate a nursery with the cutest elephant doll.  It didn't look that difficult to make, so with some quick googling I found some instructions on how to make an elephant stuffed animal.

Pattern printed out in 4 sheets.  The only program I could print out multi sheets like this was new Microsoft Paint on Windows 7.  Who knew Paint could do something that Photoshop could not do easily.

Cut pattern on ugly pillow case that my mom purchased on clearnace.  I had to cut the elephand twice, the first time I just put two layers together.  But then I realized the stripes wouldn't line up, so i positioned the elephant again and recut.

Underbody was easier to cut if folded in half.

I did do this wrong because this was suppose to be two pieces and stuffed from the belly.  I stuffed it from the leg, which made it very difficult.

Sew right sides together.

All sewn together.  Apologies for the blurry picture.

Hungry elephant (unstuffed)

Fully stuffed

Looking for more food.

Stripes line up!  It was well worth it recutting the fabric.

Tail Attached.

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