Wednesday, October 19, 2011

There Are Places I Remember

Remember my earlier post, about photobooks and how they are great. I mentioned in there that I have a box of photos that never got organized or put into albums. I decided to dig them up and display them. Displaying a large amount of photos can be tricky.  It is always a chalenge for me to tastefully display pictures.  On one hand I want to show all my memories, on the other you don't my wall/desk/mantle to look cluttered.

I took some of my favorite pictures and cut them into 3.5 inch squares and placed them in a frame.   Included are some of my favorite quotes to break up the colors.  The quotes were printed on a brown paper bag and then cut to 3.5 inch squares also.

The frame a cheap Ikea frame that was 2 dollars in the "as is" section.  I like it because it is plexiglass instead of glass so I can display it in my daughters room without worrying.

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