Monday, October 31, 2011

Easy Gumpaste Flowers to Decorate Anything

Happy Halloween!  This post isn't a Halloween post, but hope you enjoy it anyway.

I love putting little gumpaste flowers on desserts to dresses it up a little and make it super girly. These gumpaste flowers are easy to make, all you need is gumpaste (I bought Witon Gumpaste from Michaels), a little flower cutter (also from Michaels) and food coloring (I like the gel kind). The bag of gumpaste was about 4 dollars (with 40%off coupon), and you can probably make over 200 little flowers. 

To make these gumpaste flowers, take white gumpaste and using a toothpick add a little food coloring.  Kneed until color is consistent.  Roll out until about 1/8 inch thick and cut into flower shapes. Using a spoon flatten out the petals to give it more range in depth.  Place flower on a soft surface (I used a towel with a oven mitt underneath) and using a chopstick push the center of the flower to make the flower curl up.  Roll a small ball from another colored gumpaste (I used yellow) for the center of the flower.  Wet the center of the flower with a small drop of water (you can use the chopstick and dip it in water then dip it on the center of the flower) and place the small ball on top.  Press down gently to ensure contact.

Gumpaste dries fairly quickly and you can store these for a year or longer.
Finished gumpaste flowers.

Roll, cut, press petals with spoon.

Chopstick to push down center and give flowers depth.

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