Monday, October 17, 2011

One of a Bazillion Tutu Tutorials Out There

There are tons of tutu tutorials out there. This is yet another one. Some people knot it, some do something like a slip knot (best way I could describe it). Here is my tutorial. I did buy 3 yards to tulle instead of the rolls because the tulle in the yards is softer.
Completed tutu tutorial below.

Buy 3 yards of tulle, this was for a semi full tutu for a 2 year old.

Loop tulle through ribbon that 1.5 times the waist length.
I tied the ribbon on two legs of a chair so I could work with both hands.

Tightened knot.  To get the knots neat, twist the tulle a little on the top.  Continue to desired length.

Next tutu I'll probably use a brighter color so it pops more.

My little ballerina.

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