Thursday, August 29, 2013

What Type of Water Do You Use To Water Marble Nails?

I get this question a lot on my youtube video.   Everyone seems to have different opinions, on which water is best and the right temperature.  For this experiment I used three different types of water: bottled, tap, and filtered tap.  The filtered tap was run through a Brita Filter.  I live in Southern California so I think my tap water is fairly hard (judging from the hard water stains on our shower).

I documented my experiment on the youtube video below.  I didn't try different water temperatures, but from my experience room temperature (~76 degrees Fahrenheit)  water always works best.

Here is my youtube video with the results of my experiment: 

Water marbling is tons of fun and you get a unique look to your nails.  If you want a step by step how to please watch this video:  There are detailed instructions there.  

For those of you who are too lazy to watch the which type of water experiment here are the results:
the type of water does not seem to make a difference.  So have fun water marbling, and don't waste good bottled water!

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