Saturday, August 31, 2013

We Have Lift Off!

I love making things (as you can tell from this blog), so when I come across something that I can't make, it bugs the heck out of me.  Macarons have been one of those things.  I have tried with several (count 5) failed attempts to make these cute little cookies, each time with no success.  The thing about macarons also is that they are so time consuming to make and the ingredients are fairly pricey.  A batch takes about three hours of elapsed time to make (at least for me) and a small bag of almond flour is 10 dollars, so each failed attempt is so frustrating.  Every time I make a batch I tell my husband I'm never making these again.

I took a day off yesterday and spend the entire day crafting with Avery.  We made lots of fun crafts, bows and barrettes, animal necklaces, and to end the day I decided to try my hand at making macarons one last time.  Finally, they turned out!  They still aren't perfect, the middle is slightly chewy and the tops are a browned and not completely smooth (almond flour was too course).   But I managed to have feet (those crumbly things on the side of the cookie) and taste pretty decent. I was so surprised they turned out I didn't know what to fill my macarons with.  I didn't even have ingredient to fill them because I was thinking it would be another throw out batch!

I'll have to post more later.  I was just super excited about my macarons that I had to share.  Here is the best macaron reference guide online:

Happy Labor Day!

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