Sunday, August 25, 2013

DIY Rainbow Lavendar Bath Salts Tutorial

My friend Janet is so creative. I went to a rainbow and unicorn themed birthday party she threw for her daughter. The gave these really cool homemade lavender bath salts. She said that each jar was less than 40 cents to make and that's only because the jar cost 33 cents. She found most of the materials needed for this at the dollar store. Here are the instructions:

2 lbs of Epson salt (Only one dollar at the Dollar Tree!)
Food Coloring
Glass containers (The ones in the picture below were only 3 for a dollar at the dollar store.  These are usually over a dollar each at Ikea.)
Lavender Essential Oil
Ziploc Bags or large bows for mixing

Separate Epson salt equally into ziploc bags, one for each color.  Place two drops of food coloring in each bag and shake the bag until mixed. Add one drop of essential oil and then mix again.  Pour into containers.

I really love this craft, it's something I am definitely going to do with my kids.  They would have so much fun pouring the colors like sand art.  It's actually a great and useful spin on sand art.  If you don't want to make rainbow bath salt you could also do this with my colored sugar tutorial.

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