Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Washi Tape to Upcycle Magnet Mailers

I love washi tape.  It's so cute and inexpensive that its so hard not to keep buying rolls and rolls. Finding cute magnets is also difficult.  I usually like to keep my fridge clean with minimal things on it, but since I had kids, their artwork is all over the fridge.  To help keep it cut I made these up cycled washi tape magnets using old magnet mailers.  Speaking of keeping your fridge clean, the I found the best stainless steel cleaner.  My mother in law gave me a box of these stainless steel wipes (possibly as a hint that my fridge was filled with fingerprints) that work so well.  I've tried to get the fingerprints and scratch marks off my refrigerator for a while.  After using these wipes the fingerprints are gone and the scratches are much less noticeable.  Sorry to get off on a tangent, here's the tut:

Tape over old magnetic mailer.

Washi tape thin to I went back and peeled off the writing off the magnet.

Cover the entire magnet.

Cut the strips using craft knife and ruler.

Zig zag the edges with a scissor.  The more random the cuts the better.

My fridge is so cute now.  I should really bring these to my work to stick on my cubicle file cabinets.

If you have lots of magnets you could also make a magnet photo collage or magnetic paper dolls.

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