Friday, December 28, 2012

Nail Art with Salon Express Nail Stamping

I've seen the Salon Express nail stamping kit on tv and have always wondered if they work.  Amazon was selling them for only 7 dollars so I decided to give it a try.  They did not come with nail polish so I used nail art polish that I bought from the Japanese dollar store.  From the reviews online people say the Konad nail polish is the best, but it cost just as much as the stamping kit so I decided to just go with the cheapie polish.  Overall I was impressed by the stamping.  I did buy other plates off ebay, that were only a couple of bucks.  My daughter loves Hello Kitty so I bought that one for her.  The patterns are pretty cool and it works well.  Nail stamping is also strangely addicting.  I normally don't paint my nails that often but found myself painting them every week just to try new patterns.

The round nail plates are from salon express, the octagon plates are from ebay.  They were shipped from China and took about 2 weeks to arrive.

Dollar store winwax nail polish.  I opened the cap for a couple of days and dried it out a bit to get it to stamp better.

Apply polish to plate

Use a credit card to swipe off.  The kit comes with a metal scraper, but I found that the credit card works better.

After you swipe off the polish the image can be seen clearly.

Use the rubber stamper to pick up the polish and then stamp on nail.  You have to do this relatively fast or else the polish will dry on the stamper and will not stamp.
Hello Kitty nails that my daughter loves.

If you do patterns you will have to remove the polish from your cuticles.  I use a concealer brush and nail polish remove to do this.  That makes it easier so you don't mess up your existing polish on your other hand.

I normally wouldn't paint my nails in Hello Kitty, but it really entertains my daughter when I do.


  1. There is nothing wrong with a little entertainment! I'm delighted with your nails too.

  2. I bought the kit at my local dollar store and it was crap, the scraper scraped off too much and I couldn't make it work, so your post now saddens me, lol! I'll have to try again... but just a tip, smear a small amount of Vaseline, or whatever petroleum jelly you have, around your cuticles before applying polish. If any gets on it, you can just wipe it off after and it leaves your cuticles feeling sooo soft! Good luck and have fun! =)

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  4. Great post! My sister has the same kit and she loves it as well, and there are so many nail plates online that the design possibilities are endless. I might look into getting one for myself now!

  5. I purchased this Salon Express Nail Art Stamping kit for only $19! The kit comes with 5 plates with 40 designs, a image plate holder, scraper, and stamping tool, this is a great deal compared to the other nail art stamping. The outcome looks like professional nail art from a salon.Its really beautiful

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