Friday, December 7, 2012

How to Make a Lanyard Bracelet with Metal Finishing

A few weeks ago I was at the mall and saw a young woman wearing a lanyard bracelet.  It wasn't like the fourth grade lanyard bracelets that was tied to a keychain ring, it was more elegant, with metal finishing. I really liked it because it reminded me of childhood, but with a sophisticated touch.  I remember making these lanyard bracelets for months on end in the third and fourth grade.  There was the box stitch, barrel stitch, rope, Chinese staircase, butterfly, cobra and extensions like the double barrel and double box etc.  I asked the women where she bought the bracelet and she said that her sister bought it online somewhere, but she did not know where.  I searched but could not find it so I decided to try to make it. I loved making these back then so making it again wouldn't be that hard.

It wasn't until after I finished my video tutorial and was uploading it onto youtube that I found out that the bracelet was by a company called Helloberry.  I googled "lanyard bracelet" so many times and couldn't find it.  So here is my tutorial on the Helloberry Inspired bracelet.  I changed it up a little, instead of putting links, I put an existing gold bracelet in place.  I like this better because you can make one lanyard and change up the color of the finishing. I even put a silver necklace or a ribbon there to mix it up a little.

Here is the video tutorial: Part 1 and Part 2 (Part 2 is how to finish the bracelet neatly, I really wanted to make it one video, but was having technical difficulty)

Lanyard can be purchased at Michaels or online at amazon.

Put any existing bracelet on the end.

I made the blue ribbon one for my daughter, because she always loses things and
 I didn't want her to lose my silver bracelets.

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