Tuesday, December 18, 2012

DIY Custom Iphone Case (Cheap and Easy)

I love the custom iphone cases from Shutterfly, but at 35 dollars each they are on the pricey side.  I found a way to replicate this look for only 4 dollars.  I purchased a clear TPU iphone case off ebay but you can also get it off amazon.  The case was only $3.18 and it was delivered within three days.  To customize the case just cut out a image using the case as a template and slip it into the case.  Couldn't be easier.  And the best part?  It's interchangeable, if you get tired of one picture just cut out another.

This would make a great present for grandparents, relatives or friends.  I'm thinking of making one for a friend who recently got married.  If you have photoshop you could create some awesome designs.
Custom Iphone case for less than 4 dollars.

I used printer printed pictures, but you could also develop images or
even use magazine clippings or anything you wanted.

Trace the case template.

Cut out the image and the trace the camera opening.

Use a craft knife and cut out the opening, then slip image into case.

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