Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Custom Personalized Shrink Plastic Name Tag

I love personalized things.  It's because growing up, when my relatives would buy me souvenirs, I would always get the one that said  "# 1 Girl" or sometimes  "Renee"(which apparently was close enough), because Rena is not a common name.  

I made these personalized name tags for the holidays for all the kids in the family.  The name tags can be  attached to a lunch box, back pack or a jacket or anything that needs some identification.  

To make these tags you needs shrink plastic, 1/8 inch hole punch, a jump ring, a key chain loop, sharpie (optional) and a die cut machine (or if you are really good with a craft knife you can use that too).

Cut out your the name on shrink plastic using a die cut machine. You do want to use a thicker font and
make sure all the letters are overlapped with good thickness, or the tag may break at the thin areas.

Punch a hole at one end of the shrink plastic.  I used a 1/8 inch hole punch which when shrunk makes
a very small hold (smaller than 1/16 inch) just large enough for the jump ring.  If you have a bigger jump ring
 you should use a larger hole punch.
To draw on polka dots I used a pattern as a template and just followed the dots with a sharpie.
 My shrink plastic was semi transparent so I could
see the pattern through the plastic.

Follow the instruction on the shrink plastic to shrink.  After plastic is cooled attach key chain. 

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