Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Christmas Decorations are Up!

Decorating the tree this year was extremely fun this year, but hectic at the same time.  Before I had kids I was very particular about how the ornaments on the tree looked.  Our tree had to look like a department store tree.  I always made it a point to only ornaments that matched our blue and silver color scheme.   I would plan out the placing of the ornaments so they are equally yet randomly distributed through the tree to give it an effortless look. Now with Avery and Lex our tree has become a mod podge of different ornaments the bulk of which placed at the bottom part of the tree (where the kids can place them).   Our tree has ornaments made by Avery as well as ones she picked out from the store.  Macaroni frames, cotton ball snowmen, glittered salt dough ornaments now adorn the tree.  I have to admit I like out tree better now.  I loved pulling out each of these "custom made" ornaments (that now have memories tied to them) out of the box.  

I created a timelapse video below to show you our decoration process.  It was so great having Avery decorate the tree and now worrying that it wasn't "perfect."  Lex was still too young for the process and just wanted to eat all the ornaments on the tree (not just the macaroni ornament).  Video here: or below.  

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