Sunday, December 1, 2013

New Rainbow Loom Pattern Tutorial: Inverted Fishtail and Double Inverted Fishtail Bracelet

Here are two new Rainbow Loom patterns with video tutorials.  I didn't realize that my videos were not viewable via mobile devices so I've included a link to each video instead of embedding the video into the post.

The inverted fishtail and the double inverted fishtail can be both made without a rainbow loom.  The double inverted fishtail is a bit easier on a loom, but still doable without a loom.  I've been making so many bracelets I've run out of rubber bands.  I ran to Target during lunch to pick up some (read on a forum that Target had them at the dollar spot), but when I got there there was only one open pack left.  So if you are in the market for rubber bands try Target's dollar spot, maybe yours will have it.  I think the pack was 300, but I didn't buy it because half the rubber bands in that last pack were scattered in the bin.

I was actually looking to buy these gold rubber bands on Amazon.  They seem really cool to make bracelets out of.  I usually get my online craft supplies from Consumer Crafts (their rubber bands are pretty cheap only a dollar some for 300 rubber bands), but they don't have the gold ones.  There are some cool glitter ones and glow in the dark ones that I ordered.  Their Rainbow Loom is relatively cheap too, compared to Michaels.  

I heard that the Rainbow Loom is flying off the shelves and on the top of every child's Christmas list (both boys and girls).  Yes, this was completely surprising to me that boys are into this also.  I love this loom for kids because it stimulates the brain thinking of new patterns.  It also is so much better than sitting in front of the TV or computer. 

Inverted Fishtail Rainbow Loom Bracelet.

Double Inverted Fishtail Rainbow Loom Bracelet

Here is the video on how to make a Inverted Rainbow Loom Bracelet (I show you how to do it without a loom):
Here is the double inverted fishtail bracelet video tutorial:

disney princess toy video


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