Friday, November 22, 2013

Rainbow Loom Bow (One loom)

Here is another original Rainbow Loom pattern.   It uses the quadruple single for each side of the bow.  I have been making lots of bows lately because my daughter is very into Minnie Mouse.  On the Mickey Mouse Club House they have a special small segment called "Minnie's Bowtique."  It's super girly and probably why Avery loves it so much.  I knew that if I made this bracelet she would love it.

To make the bracelet you make two separate quadruple single sides using five pegs.  Attach the two in the middle.  I created a video tutorial below so you can see how it's done.  It's not a beginners tutorial, but fairly simple.   To attach the bow to a bracelet I loop the horizontal rubber band ends to a inverted fishtail bracelet. This all makes more sense in the video tutorial here: (

The black and pink bracelet is a fishtail bracelet that I made with no loom.  The bow is attached to an inverted fishtail bracelet.

These would make really cute hair bands or if you made a long one a head band.  


  1. Critical parts were off camera. :-(

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  3. I love to do your rainbow loom bracelets.
    -bailey a. 11 yrs. old

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  6. not a good video at all. most important part was off camera

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