Monday, November 7, 2011

So Now What Do I Do with All These Cellophane Stars?

In my previous tutorials I showed you how to fold stars and cranes out of cellophane.  One question you may have is what do you do with these things now?  Here is what I plan on doing with the stars and cranes.  For the cranes I simply string them with thread and hang them as Christmas ornaments.  For the stars you can buy those clear glass ball ornaments and fill them.  I also up cycled metallic packaging from a chocolate chip package (you can also use potato chip bags) and made more stars out of those.  Another idea for the stars is to string them all with thread and use them as garland around the tree.

1.  Take any packaing with metallic background.  I used chocolate chips, potato chip bag works also.
2. Cut open and clean the inside.
3.  Cut into strips and follow the star folding instructions.

How to fold stars here.  Note: video is updated!


  1. I love this!!! And the glass ornaments are so pretty with the cellophane stars. I get if you position the ornament just right, like in front of a tree light, it must just sparkle so pretty!!!!

  2. Love the creativity! So pretty and unique.

  3. What a lovely idea!
    I want to do it! (:


  4. So creative! I love this interpretation of the book page stars! Really inspiring.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog last week. Pleasure to meet you here in blogosphere :)


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