Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Salt Dough Ornaments and Gift Tags

You gotta love Pinterest. I find so much inspiration on there such as salt dough ornaments. I've never even heard of salt dough before.

Here is the recipe for salt dough:
1 cup salt
2 cups flour
1 cup warm water

Mix all ingredients together in a big bowl and kneed until play doh consistency. Roll out, cut and out with cookie cutters.  I used stamps to decorate, but you could also let it dry completely and paint on them.

Below are gift tags that I made.  Be sure to cut the holes on the top with a straw before the dough dries.  Drying can take up to three days.  You could do it in the oven at a very low temperature (200 degrees) but the ornaments will puff up a little.

Update:  I have received many questions about where how i stamped the text.  I used rubber stamps similar to these ones here on amazon.  To color the stamps I used a stamp pad for some and just a crayola marker for others.
Left image are the stamps I used.  Purchased at the dollar section from Michaels.
The two ornaments on the far right that have the little indent are thumb prints of my daughter and nephew.

Stamping before cutting the shape out makes it much easier.

Let the kids make some too!

The one on the left is dry.  I was a little surprised at the texture after it dried.  My friend came over and asked me if he could eat one.


  1. these look awesome and totally doable! I love the idea of using them as gift tags! thanks!

  2. I saw these on Pinterest too and plan to make gift tags with them. I love what you made, and am glad to see that I am not the only one that thinks these are sooooo cool! Thanks.

  3. I am definitely trying this out. You have the best ideas.



  4. I love these! I have to go to Michaels and get some of the stamps now! Thanks :D

  5. they are awesome! i tried making some a couple of days ago and painted them, but i absolutely love your idea too!

  6. These are so cute! And simple! Thanks for the awesome tutorial. :)

  7. These are adorable! Question: How did you color in the letters? Did you use a Sharpie? and how delicate are these? If I tie them to a present will they break?

  8. these are soo classy you can't even tell they are salt dough. seriously you did such a great job with those!

  9. OMG, you just gave me a new use for all my rubber stamps I haven't used in years!!!! Love the pics of the cutie-pie kids!!

    1. I was just thinking the same thing about all the stamps I have that I haven't touched in years

  10. How long would I leave them in the oven for?

  11. How long would I leave them in the oven for?

  12. Hi Billie Denise,

    Here are the answers to your questions:
    How did you color in the letters? Did you use a Sharpie? I used a stamp pad and stamped the color on.

    how delicate are these? If I tie them to a present will they break? They actually hold up pretty well. To me it feels a like an unglazed piece of ceramic. Where if you dropped it it may chip but it will hold up to tying onto a present or on a tree.

  13. Nikki Da Lovely -

    For thin ornaments bake at 200 F for about an hour. I would check up on it occasionally. For thicker ornaments it would be longer. I would really recommend air drying if that is an option, as the ornaments will keep their shape better.

  14. My mom use to make me this for play when I was very little!!!!


  15. I'm so glad I found your blog, such great ideas here!
    Loooong, long ago, I made a wreath out of salt dough... just roll pieces into long "ropes" and braid them, then shape into wreath and decorate with a bow or dried flowers, etc.

  16. These are so cute, I think I might use the salt dough to make tree ornaments by cutting them into larger shapes, painting them and dipping them in glitter <3

  17. What a great idea. These turned out great! I'd love it if you'd add this to my link party over at http://raegunwear.blogspot.com/2011/11/link-party-what-we-wore-and-made_29.html I'm hoping to do an ornament round up soon.

  18. They are great! You can use some instant coffee granuals for a warmer tone with salt dough and varnish it for durability :)

  19. So cute! Thank you so much. I love the gift tag idea.

  20. Your ornaments are beautiful and I tried this recipe today. I did not have success with these proportions so ended up adding more flour (about twice as much) to have a workable consistency. They turned out cute!

    I added cinnamon and nutmeg to my dough and they smell great in the oven though I don't know if it is enough to retain the scent. I like the puffed look that the oven gave our ornaments but we didn't use letter stamps, which might end up distorted if baked.

    I am experimenting with your cornstarch paint and spices for coloring these - saffron stars are in the oven. We'll see how it works out!

    Thanks for your fun blog!

  21. Victoria-
    OMG, I am so sorry. I just read over the recipe and I did get the flour proportion wrong. It should be two cups of flour to one cup of salt and one cup of water. My sincerest apologies to anyone who used this recipe without success. Thank you so much for pointing this out! I have corrected it in my blog post.

  22. We tried it too and it was quite runny ~ added more flour and it was all good! Thank you so much for posting this!

  23. Firstable... Merry Xmas!
    I just found your gorgeous blog and I love it!
    I just wonder how long will last this dough? Do you know if this could become moldy or something?
    Very nice and simple idea, thank you!
    Sandra ♥

  24. Hello, I would really like to know what kind of thing where you put text on the test, the fact that I live in Ukraine, and I do not know whether I buy that kind of thing at home, or is it only sold in America. I will be very grateful for the answer)

  25. This is such a satisfying back to basics craft but took it up a level with your beautiful designs. Thank you!

  26. Oh my! These are so wonderful! Thank you for the inspiration!

  27. I love your ideas and kids are so cute as gift tags.

  28. really great- so eazy and so amazing :)


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  35. It look so eye-catching, simple and glamorous! I believe my friend would be happy to have such a suit on they birthday!


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