Sunday, December 8, 2013

How to Make Modern Dollhouse Furniture Tutorial

I've gotten a few requests on how to make dollhouse furniture.  I know I mentioned that I would post my instructions but to be honest have been delaying it because I didn't take great pictures when I made the furniture for my daughters dollhouse earlier this year.  Sometimes when I make things I just make it up as I go along, so I also don't have the greatest measurements or instructions.  If you are the type of person that needs exact measurements then this tutorial is not for you.  I am simply going to tell you what I did, but not give you exact measurements.  You can tape the pieces together and adjust as necessary.

Acrylic Egg Modern Chair:
Plastic Round ornament that opens in half
Plastic champagne cup (you only need to use the bottom of the cup, the cups need to be the ones with the detachable base)

Use only one half of the ornament and hot glue to the base of the champagne glass.  I also took a piece of fabric to make a cushion for the chair.

Modern Arco Lamp (Arched Metal Ball Lamp)
20 gauge wire in silver (16 or 18 gauge would work too)
Plastic Silver Ball ornament (I got mine from Target, you want to buy one that is the same scale as your dollhouse)
Hand saw

Cut ornament as shown above (a little more than 3/4s of the ornament) with a hand saw.  Use caution when cutting ornament it is thicker than you would think. Use a drill and drill a small hole for wire to loop through.  Attach wire on through hole and bend to make a T shape so wire does not fall thought.  Loop wire to other half of ornament (this is your base).  The base will be too light to support the lamp so add weights to the bottom of base.  I hot glued quarters to the  bottom of my base (if you have kids quarters are a choking hazard, so make sure that the quarters are very secure).
Modern Sofa
Kids Play Foam Mat (only one square is needed)
Exacto Knife

Cut our 4 pieces from the foam mat. One for the back of the sofa, two side arms and one for the base of the sofa. 
The back and base of the sofa are the same size, arms are also the same size.  For the arms of the sofa I angled it slightly on one side to create a slight recline on the sofa.  Note how the arms of the sofa needs to be longer (width of base plus depth of base).
Tape your sofa together and adjust measurements if necessary.
Cut out another rectangle shape.  This will the the sofa cushion.  Cut out two more smaller shapes for the back pillow cushions.   Glue only the base together. While base is drying take fabric (I used old grey work pants) and wrap the cushions.  I glued them onto the foam with Aleenes Tacky Glue.

 I don't have pictures on how to glue the fabric onto the foam but you want to make sure that any seems will be in a logical place where they won't be seen.  When base is done wrap base with fabric.  Base is trickier to wrap because you will see more seams.  I made bias strips with the fabric to cover the seams.  For the legs of the sofa glued small wooden pieces to the bottom of the sofa.  Again if this is for small children I would skip this step as it could be a choking hazard.
Pouf was crocheted and rug was a piece of fur that I cut to shape. Semi circle chairs are made of foam and cardboard also.  Will try to post tutorial on that when I have a chance.


  1. Super cute. I wish I could live in this dollhouse. Your ideas and skills are awesome :)

  2. Hello Rena, you're an awesome blogger indeed!! I really like your brilliant dollhouse decoration ways. Those dollhouse furniture's are in fact fantastic. Glad to learn some creative ways, at-least now I can help building a dollhouse for my daughter in my home. Thanks.

  3. This tutorial of making modern doll house furniture is pretty amazing indeed. I just love the creative ideas provided with educative and instructive images.

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