Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How to Make Your Own Wrapping Paper with Craft Paper

I love simple wrapping paper.  I especially love brown paper bags or craft paper as wrapping.  It has such a rustic feel to it.  Using one of my daughters stamps I embellished the craft paper by stamping the pattern on semi randomly.  It turned out marvelous, but still simple and rustic.  This is also a great way to get your kids helping in the wrapping of gifts during the holidays, or at least occupied so you can get gifts wrapped.

This was an Easter stamp that my daughter had.  

I eyeballed the stamps and placed them in a stripped pattern.  It doesn't have to be perfect (makes it look more rustic).

A little bakers twine and viola easy wrapping!  I also used my favorite set of stamp letters to make a simple gift tag (which I bought at Michael's but they also sell a similar one on Amazon).  These stamp letters are great if you hate your handwriting (like I do).


  1. Thanks for sharing... Great help for my budget list..

  2. This is gorgeous! Where do I find a stamp such as this?

    1. Hi Amrita and Ravi,
      This stamp is actually from my daughter's easter egg painting set, i bought it at Target during easter time, but they also sell it on Amazon. Press & Print Easter Egg Coloring Stamp Kit

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