Monday, November 12, 2012

Does Pam Dry Nails Extra Fast? Let's Put it to the Test

Breastfeeding a newborn means a lot of down time to surf the internet.  I've been on Pinterest a lot lately (and also watching reruns of Teen Mom).  On Pinterest I saw a tip that said putting Pam non stick cooking spray on nails will dry them extra fast.  I googled this, and while other sites talk about it, no one actually tested it with a controlled test.  I decided to test this for myself.  

I painted my nails with one Sally Hansen Base coat and two coats of OPI Party in My Cabana (no top coat).  I waited 30 seconds and then sprayed Pam only on my left hand and let the other hand just dry naturally.  On the internet it says to wipe off the Pam after spraying.  I waited a minute and wiped the Pam.  The results? 

Pam does make your nails dry faster, BUT it only the top coat.  You can still ding your nails as the under layers are not dry.  I actually don't think the Pam is drying your nails, it seems like its just putting a oily coating on the nail polish so if you accidentally brush up against the polish it won't stick to anything (like lint).   If your nails hit a hard object the polish will still ding. 

In conclusion, Pam does work to "dry" your nails, but you can still get dings.   Would I use it again?  Probably, it also leaves my cuticles shiny.    

One other thing, one forum said that Pam makes your nails chip easier.  I did not find this to be the case, as both hands chipped evenly.  

Also remember to spray the Pam over the sink, as it is quite messy.

Does Pam make nails dry faster?  Yes, but its more to protect against accidental brushing up against something, no major dings.

Nails with Pam sprayed on them.  Pretty good cuticle treatment too :)

OPI Party in My Cabana


  1. Hmm, very interesting, never heard of this. Your nails are so pretty, btw. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I've never heard of the Pam trick but I sure appreciate the test. I hate dings and sheet marks that come from nails that are not totally dry. Yours look lovely, by the way!

  3. You are Right! It only protects the top coat, and man, have I messed up some nails using Pam. There used to be a nail drying spray available at the beauty supply acts the exact same way. For me, I now just do my nails the old fashioned way....letting them dry completely between coats. Don't you just love OPI colors?

  4. What is you use Pam on every coat? I always let the first coat of polish completely dry anyway before adding another coat or top coat.

  5. Between you and me and my 73 years on this earth, I have found the best and quickest way is to dip the fingers in cold, cold water. You could easily do that after each coat - cheap and easy.

  6. OK now do a post on how to paint your nails perfectly the way you have! that is the reason why I never paint my nails - all over the finger.

  7. I have heard the same thing about using Vit. E (the oil in the capsules) but I've never tried it. My job doesn't let me wear nailpolish at work. Joan

  8. It does work but you should put it on between every coat. Yes you can still get some dings in it this way but it is pretty minimal. The main reason I use it is so that if i'm doing designs with lots of coats i don't have to wait 10-20 minutes between coats for the next one. I speak from experience.

  9. PS- i usually wipe off the PAM in between coats and use a little vinegar so that the polish acts normally and doesn't pond up like water on an oily surface. Also, I meant that the dings only get on there when you're doing stuff like knocking your nail onto an edge of a table or something like that.


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