Thursday, December 15, 2011

How to Fold an Eight Pointed Transforming Ninja Star

When I was making my ninja ornament, my husband said I should fold an origami ninja star to go along with the ninja.  I had no idea what he was talking about, so he showed me how to fold one.  I ran with the idea and made his ninja star into a book page-ninja star-transforming-wreath-ornament.  If you read my blog regularly, you will see that I just fused five ideas from my previous blog posts together.  Below are the links to my previous blog post.

Mini Wreath
Book Page

I love this "ninja" star because it slides in and out to make this cool octagon.  My husband wasn't too thrilled about the little bow I drew onto his fierce ninja star.

For this star you will need 8 sheets of square paper all the same size.  Follow the video tutorial below to learn how to fold them and construct the star.

This is how to assemble the first four pieces, you do the same for the next four.  Details are in the video.

Half transformed.

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