Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How to Create an Emoticon Ornament ;)

These foam letters have been sitting in the back of my drawer forever. Here is a simple way to make an emoticon ornament. Just find the letters you need and stick them on. Could it be more simple? I was lucky that the letters came with parenthesis, but if yours doesn't you can cut it out from a letter C.  Mine didn't come with a comma so I took the inside of the letter O and cut it into a comma.  The period was the inside of the number 8.

I also spray painted my ornament because the paint was chipping off this really old ornament I found.


  1. Those are so cute! That would be a lot of fun to do! You are so freaking creative! Love it. :)

  2. Aww, what a cute idea! You manage to come up with so many cute and clever things to create.

  3. Very cute! :D (Emoticon on an emoticon post. ;))

  4. I lurve this! SO MUCH! :o) LOL...I am making these for XMAS....maybe sooner.

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