Thursday, October 17, 2013

Handwritten Bloody Halloween Font Tutorial

Here is a simple handwritten font that is great for Halloween.  I love to use this font for my Halloween banners because it is easy and you don't need any special drawing ability.  The messier your penmanship is the better.  I sometimes even write the words with my left (I'm a rightly) hand just to get the lines messier. There is a video tutorial below will show you how to create this font.  All you have to do is write the words with a broad marker (Crayola Markers, Highlighters, or even these cheapie Sponge Bob party favor markers work).

Draw out the word with marker.  The messier the better.

Outline the marker with a black ink pen (not ball point).
Video Tutorial:

This also looks pretty cool with yellow highlighter also.

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