Monday, October 14, 2013

Easy Halloween DIY Sushi Costume

Halloween is just around the corner. I love baby costumes and this year I decided to make my youngest daughter her costume.  I realized that you can really only pick their costume for your kids before the age of two.  After that they will have opinions and refuse to be raw fish for, and instead insist on being Disney Princess.

I had the pleasure of meeting another blogger this weekend, Jennifer from Transformations You Can See.  I love reading new blogs so I was super excited to read hers.  When I find a new blog that I like I read it from beginning to end.  While reading through her blog I saw this post for a sushi costume for a child. I knew I had to make this.  This project took less than an hour and I am so happy with the results.  Jennifer made a Salmon Sushi costume (be sure to check out her tutorial too, it is a bit different from mine). I was also going to go down that route but decided on turning it into shrimp sushi instead, because it looked more like shrimp when I was half way done.  I used all materials I found at my house.  The orange was an old pillow case, the black was old leggings,the white strips were from a while t-shirt and the stuffing was from an old pillow (yes I keep old pillows and use it to stuff projects, so much softer and cheaper than poly-fill).

There is a little sewing involved, you have to sew your orange fabric to be the size of the pillow.  If you make a shrimp instead of a fish you also need to sew the tail.  Other than that I just used glue to attach the strips of white fabric.

Another thing I love about this costume is that my daughter didn't even notice it was on her.  Most other costumes she would feel the bulk and want to pull it off, this one she wore it all day and was fine.

I do not have exact measurements, just eyeball it to the size of your child.  Cut 2 rectangle to the size of your childs back.  If you want to make a shirmp I would make the rectangle a little longer and just cut the tail right onto the first piece.  I made the mistake of attaching it afterwards (because I didn't think I was going to make a shrimp).

Cut white strips of fabric about half and inch wide and 3/4ths the width of your original rectangle.  Glue strips onto fabric.  I used Alene's tacky glue (which is not fabric glue, but works great on fabric).

If you already cut out the tail to be included then you do not need to do this step, if not then cut out the tail.

Sew top, left and right sides of the pillow (right sides facing) together.  Flip the pillow inside out and stuff with poly fill.  This is where it kind of gets tricky.  If you want to attach the, fold in the bottom of the pillow, and then put the tail in.  Gather the materials bottom fabric (kind of like you would to make ruffles) and sew in place.

This is much easier to do by hand sewing than on a sewing machine.

I used black leggings to attach the band onto the onesie.  Stretchy materials for the black "seaweed" works better because it will expand to your child's chest.  I also sewed the top corners of the sushi onto the shoulders for extra support.  
Now my only problem is what I should be for Halloween to match?  Maybe soy sauce?

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