Sunday, September 29, 2013

How to Save a Chipped Manicure (A Nail Art Tape Strip Tutorial)

I love the clean polished look of painted nails, but it totally bugs me when my polish starts to chip.  I also love the look of nail art, but I really do not have time to wait for my polish to completely dry to do any nail art.  Here is a perfect solution for my nail dilemmas. Below is a manicure that I had for a few days.  You can see that the corners are chipping but my cuticle area is fine.

To fix only the tips and to put a little nail art I decided to paint my nails white on a diagonal.
I used painters tape, but you could also use scotch tape.  Just be sure to seal the edges onto your nail so polish doesn't seep.

You could leave your manicure like this without the striping tape, but I think its cuter with the tape.

To make the manicure even cuter, I bought these nail striping tape from amazon.  It was only a dollar for 8 rolls.  Yes, it was shipped from China, but came in about a week.  The quality was decent.  One of the rolls didn't stick very well, but overall I was happy with the quality.  I don't even know how they made any money since it was only a dollar, and shipping had to be pretty expensive.  Apply the tape on each finger (see video tutorial below on tips on how to apply nail art strip tape).  You will need small cuticle scissors to cut the excess.

Couldn't be easier.  And its so much better than doing a whole new manicure.

This video tutorial is not only how to put striping tape on, but how to do it with your non dominate hand.  I am a righty and not very coordinated, so doing anything with my left hand is always a challenge.  This video will help you do nail art with your other hand.

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