Saturday, April 13, 2013

Upcycle Credit Cards and Gift Cards to Make Chevron Earrings

I know we all have them, old CDs, gift cards and credit cards.  I have stacks of old plastic cards that I usually just throw out or let Avery play with when she plays "cashier" at home.  I've been trying to get more into jewelry making lately.  Its actually one craft that I have never tried before.  I have tried beading and making friendship bracelets before, but never really tried jewelry making with jump rings, chains, and actual jewelry hardware.

For this craft I wanted to make it as easy as possible, requiring the purchase of little to no tools.  It's usually very daunting picking up a new craft, as you have to buy new equipment for a craft that you may not really love.  To make these earrings you can use tools from around your house.  I use an utility knife to cut the gift card, a stapler to punch holes into the gift card and nail polish to paint the chevron cutout.  The only materials you may need to buy are jump rings (6 total), earring connectors, a metal chain and needle nose pliers.

Cut two triangle shape out of the gift card.  Note you can just score the card with the craft knife and snap the card to detach pieces.

Mark chevron shape and score with exacto knife.  Cutting credit cards is fairly easy.  Just score the card and snap apart.

For the inside point you want to wiggle it a little being careful not to snap the chevron in half.

Use a stapler to punch holes on the corners of the chevron.

Remove the staple.

To make the hole larger poke the hole through with a large safety pin or needle.  Poke through on both sides picking off excess plastic on the hole.  (File if necessary)

Paint the chevron with the nail polish color of your choice.  Paint edges first and then paint top and bottom sides.  Let dry between coats.  Three coats of polish was necessary to cover all the text on the bottom side of the gift card.

Let chevrons dry for at least two hours.  Attach jump rings to each hole.  Cut two strands of metal about 4 inches long.   Attach metal strands to jump ring.  Find the center of the strands and attach another jump ring.  Attach that center jump ring to earring hook.

No one will ever guess these earrings are made from an old gift card.  You could also use credit cards or even cds.  CD's may be a little trickier as they are thicker.  


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