Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Beautiful Lilies and How to Arrange Them

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I love having fresh flowers at my house.  What I don't love are flowers that are hard to maintain and that start wilting so quick that I do not have time to enjoy them.  I love lilies because they are beautiful large flowers that last so much longer than other flowers.  They have a great floral scent and are so bright that it livens up every room.  I will teach you how to arrange flowers when you buy them.  Nothing ruins a bouquet like the ugly cellophane wrap around the flowers, so be sure to remove the wrapping.  
Choose a vase or any household container.  I like finding unexpected jars around the house, maybe a tin pail or a mason jar to put my flowers in  (Just be sure to clean your jar as to prolong the life of the flowers). This adds a bit of character to the bouquet.  After you remove the cellophane be sure to trim the bottoms of the flowers at an angle.  Fill your container up with cold clean water.  To arrange the flowers perfectly I like to use the tape trick.  If you don't have floral foam (I never do) this tape trick is a life saver.  It helps support the flowers for arranging just like floral foam (but you always have tape on hand!).  Create a checkered pattern on the top of the container with tape.  This will help support each individual stem.  This trick is great for wide mouth containers, or for flowers that are too short to touch the bottom of the vase.  Place one or two stems in each checkered hole of the tape.  Viola, a beautiful arrangement for your home in no time.
Lilies are readily avaliable at your local grocery stores, garden centers and flower shops.  I purchased mine at Costco.  They are simply beautiful and I have been enjoying them for two weeks now!
Be sure to check out the Pinterst page for inspiration on 
Beautiful lilies purchased at Costco.

Use any old container you have, it adds more character!

Tape the opening of the jar in a checkered pattern to help arrange the flowers.

Place one or two stems into the jar in each tape opening.
Beautiful lily arrangement.


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